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  • ZRX1100R/1200R the last genuine classic "GPZ"

    I added a "new" model to my portfolio - the 1100/1200R Rex. Even if this model is far younger than the models I usualy take care off it is allready a genuine classic and the prices are raising strongly since 3 years for R models and real good samples are allready hard to find - even if there are allways plenty of Rexes on sale.

    She don't only share a lot of mechanical stuff and design from the old GPZ's like engine body based on the 900R engine, same bad "Darth Vader" look from front, some pretty equal colour shemes etc.. It's a shame that Kwaki named her ZRX and not GPZ - becouse it is a genuine GPZ with all genes making former GPZs to legends like bullet proof and ever lasting engines with a lot of torque, healthy mechanics, very good and safe ridable suspension and strong brakes. This bikes makes mileages over 100K without big issues if proper maintained. They are freaking fast for such heavy big bikes and looks stunning old school combining aggressivity and elegance in one in a manner GPZ models do over decades so perfectly.

    The ZRX's also share the "career" of former GPZ's: Beeing quite cheap for years this bikes often comes in wrong hands, get "customized" with stupid mini indicators, LED lights, aftermarket mufflers, other levers and rear sets and get their rear mud guard cutten off or completely eliminated.... It's allready hard to get a real clean, original ZRX today so I concentrate to get bikes with in proper original state and low mileage. Smaller "customizations" get reverted to bring the bikes back in original state, they get a complete maintanance and a general overhauling in detail to bring them close to new state and make them ready that new owners have fun with this bikes for a lot of upcomming years without issues. 

    Will also do unique Rexes in future, with special paintshemes but all within the Kwaki colour shemes to avoid to destroy the typical ZRX R appearance. With slight approvements in a way and style I did with some of my 900Rs in the past.

    Whats also equal to the legendary GPZ900R is the fact that this model overlast a few from her own Kawasaki model followers. The ZRX been sold until 2016 (!!!) in Japan even if EU and US sales get terminated in 2006. A clear sign how good this model is. Read old and new ridereports, tests etc. about the ZRX - you will not read anything bad exept she's taking a good portion of fuel when ridden hard. But this are old news and affects all classic Kawas or old classics in general.

    It's allready problematic to get certain new OEM parts for the ZRX becouse a lot of them get terminated. A lot of not well desired S ZRX's get striped and parted out so it is at least no problem to get used parts for the ZRX's to keep them alive.

    A ZRX R is combining best of 2 worlds - the old school classic style in a bike with modern components like bullet proof brakes and well working suspension.

    If you like the ZRX and you ever wanted one the time to buy one is NOW. Pricing for R models will raise further next years becouse this bike have no substitute within her competitors. 

    So get YOUR ZRX as long she is affordable - and as long GOOD samples are available. It's for sure a model with a very big value for your money you barely find at other models from this era.



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