Z750 Turbo & GPZ900R Builds

I don't take further orders for builds anymore, 

If you are interested in a restored Turbo or a GPZ900R, especially build for you contact me please via email for further details.

Here you can see samples of past Turbo rebuilds I did. There are many photos of the process to give you a better idea how my bikes are build and why they cost what they cost and thats still very priceworthy:

Turbo #11

Turbo #10

Turbo #6

Genuine Turbo restos get more and more difficult and expensive becouse partsituation get worse and worser. Some important parts are not available since years and near any Turbo suffers from same parts broken and even bad state basebikes get more and more expensive. But this also don't helps a lot becouse allways same parts are missing or broken. There are only a very few parts you can use from a normal GPZ750UT even f they look very simular. Not even the main- and sidestand is usable and also the tank will not fit on the stronger Turboframe in front. Fork, swingarm, brakerotors, electrics - all is different and not usable to bring a genuine turbo back on the road. 

I bought a couple of stocks with Turbo bikes and parts in past years from people who had several Turbos in the past and collected big partstocks. This allows me to finish a vwery limited amounts of genuine Z750 Turbos - but my stock minimize as well from build to build and since now every Turbo I had in hands needed spareparts. So be cautious with long time sitters and sellers who state just get the missing parts on Ebay.... 

The good side of this mess that GOOD original and complete Turbos will continiously raise in value.

And here a typical rebuild from a GPZ900R:

GPZ900R rebuild in A1 style

GPZ900R A1 Bolt & Nut Resto

I allready restored a couple of different GPZ900R's in the past - from the A1 - A8
and near everything is possible from original bikes or combining best of both worlds refetting A7 suspension parts on older A1-A6 models or changing due emission laws castrated A7 to better performance A1-A6 parts like airboxes, carbs, exhausts etc.. I can rebuild the legendary 900R exactly to your requirements and dreams. Please check "All Bikes" for samples.

Like the Turbo the 900R have also weak points wich needs attention during a rebuild to
end up in a reliable, well working and performing classic providing joy for years. I have near any 900R model from A1 - A8 in stock as basebikes and plenty of parts to finish this
iconic legends. 

Pricings (for now) are 13.995 GBP for a refurbished Turbo including the basebike or 8.500 GBP if you deliver the Basebike. GPZ900R bolt & nut restos are 7.995 GBP including the basebike. If you think thats costy please don't do the fault comparing this builds with usual used bikes. My builds get rebuilded from a restored, naked frame until they look and drive close to new. Engines get checked, chargers overhauled, new tires, refurbished brakes, forks etc. etc.. Any bolt and nut resto requires aproxm. 200 hours of work from myself plus the work from co workers like painters, engine builders etc.. Every nut and bolt build get sealed fueltanks, new BT45 tires and near all parts are new painted, powdercoated, polished or somehow else overworked.