Welcome to Chiemgau Classics


For over 15 years, we have been taking care of classic motorcycles and are now selling off our inventory of motorcycles to focus on classic Mercedes R129 models. We don't aquire new motorbikes in future.

We, like many of our customers, are no longer the youngest, and every era has an end so that a new one can begin. And for us, that new era starts now with classic Mercedes.

The R129 models are fantastic automobiles - still "true" Mercedes and everything you would expect from them. They are rapidly becoming classic cars that are still affordable at the moment and offer a lot of driving pleasure and utility. Moreover, they are very safe and equipped with everything important for driving, such as airbags, ABS, seat heating, and climate control. They have a superb suspension, an elegant interior that offers every comfort, powerful brakes, and reliable engines.

They are one of the last "dinosaurs" with strong naturally aspirated V8 engines, allowing for a unique and very relaxed driving experience.

It has been a wonderful time with motorcycles, and now we are looking forward to the R129 models.

To all our motorcycle customers and friends, thank you very much for your loyalty and support.

Best regards,