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  • Actual situation & the future of classic bikes

    Like you al see and feel every day, costs, pricings and fee's for near anything is strongly rising this days.

    Transportation, real estate, fuel and electrical power raised insane and still will over the next time. So costs for labour and valuable goods can't go down in near future and currencies are losing also strongly from month to month.

    Getting good, old bikes gets hard and harder - completely beside the raised costs for everything becouse most markets are allready dried out, more and more private people are demanding classics at far less offered like for eg 5 years ago. Partsituation will also not get better.

    I allready bought a couple of bikes back from my customers for higher pricings they paid me for some years ago.

    Beside of all this more and more wealthy people push into this market without even beeing real petrolheads or loving this bikes. They buy bikes and cars just to secure their money. It's the same competition like with real estates. A lot of houses don't get bought today to live in them - it's just a investment for people who can affort it. This makes life harder for "normal" people and petrolheads like you and me for sure on the long run.

    Even prices for crappy bikes and resto objects went up partially dramatically during the pandemy. And its been easy to get demand fitted just from germany some years ago - in this times I need to find and buy bikes in entire europe.

    Saying it short - times for free lunches are over and if you want a quality item you should be prepaired t o pay the right buck for it.

    On other hand classics don't grow on the trees and surely will not lose value on the long run as well.

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