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  • ZXR750 - The next very searched classic


    The ZXR is one of the most underestimated classics. The H and J models get allready 30 years old - the L model will follow soon in 2023!

    The ZXR plays in the league of the Honda VFR750 RC30, Yamaha FZR750 and the Suzuki GSX-R750 - been the cheapest of all 4 but in my book the best looking superbike from this era. All models had very wild, typical 80's colour shemes, doubleheadlights, alu frames and a very aggressive look. The value of some from this models allready went through the roof since years - just the ZXR been affortable for decades - what changes now becouse real good samples are very hard to find and even for the bad ones pricings rising strongly.

    The ZXR's like to be reved and are incredible fast for a 750. The spectacular "hoover tubes" had no deeper technical sense, they just brought some fresh air on the valvecap. The L model from 1993 been the first stock bike with a working RAM Air system. The L model is also a good portion bigger in size (hard to see the difference on photos but live sitting on the different ZXRs there is a big difference in space and seatingcomfort).

    A lot of this bikes been crashed on racetracks but also in normal traffic becouse they been aggressive riden mostly and becouse of the small prices - compared to other clasics - they often went in wrong hands and just get riden to crap. Near the same situation like with the GPZ900R and 1100UT models wich disapeared near completely from the surface and got a big hit in value over the past 5 years. But even with deep pockets you will have a hard time to find a real good one.

    Same is happening now slowly with the ZXR's - so time to get a good one NOW. This bikes are very reliable from mechanics and a big joy to ride and bring you the typical feeling from the early real superbikes back.


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