Overhauled HT10B & Billet Turbochargers in Exchange

Update: Since I am discontinuing the motorcycles, I have sold my entire inventory of parts for the Z750 Turbo to Everard. If you are looking for any parts for the Turbo, please contact Everard directly - he have near anything for the ZX750E. His email is: evandenhoven@gmail.com

Thank You!


I bought over 60 Z750 Turbos last 10 years and I can assure you that not one of the chargers provided the full performance - exeption: 3 Turbos I bought where chargers get overhauled. 

The sad truth about stock Turbos is that most of them don't even made it to 112HP - most stuck Turbos don't even reach 100HP! But the naked numbers oh horsepower is not the important fact - HOW the bike performs and how fast throttling results in boost and performance is! No need to press the last HPs out of a 30 year old classic but a healthy charger simply provide more grins in your face and makes the bike much better usable in lower rpm range. Thats important to enjoy your Turbo in full.

The charger is the heart and the soul of the Turbo and so it should deliver 100% boost and fun to you. I've driven overhauled chargers from 5 different turbo specialists and one of them stands far out of all providing chargers working much better than a stock Kawasaki charger in his best times. The Hitachi HT10B charger stays completely original from outside but is brandnew inside and also optically overhauled from outside.

This chargers provide earlier boost, a much better usable Turbo in midrange (city and countrystreet riding) and insane power when you rev her hard. You get in trouble to shift fast enough, telling you.

The chargers are available in 2 stages:

1: stock charger with standard size turbine, providing 115-120HP with a healthy engine

stock overhauled charger ready to get mounted in into one of my rebuilds

2: Billet charger stage1 for stock engines & DFI's with bigger Turbine in stock Hitachi HT10B housing (no difference viewable from outside. More power than stock turbine.

Need adjustable Fuel pressure regulator and racemode to avoid lean fuel. Adjustable FPRs are available on Ebay etc. from many manufacturers for aproxm 100 Euros.

Billet Charger with bigger Turbine and drilled housing. Original Hitachi HT10B housing

If you want your charger overhauled I would need your worn charger in exchange. I have allways feresgh overhauled HT10B chargers in stock. Blueprint chargers and billet chargers wich can provide up to 150HP.

If you're interested in a charger changing your ZX750E to a MUCH better performing bike email me for a quote.

I exchanged the chargers in 5 Turbos from my customers this year and they all say the same after their first rides: difference is like day and nite and the power is near brutal in upperrange and the bike makes much more fun in midrange becouse of earlier and faster build of boost.