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  • The Z750 Turbo and the future of Chiemgau-Classics

    I decided to stick with the Z750 Turbo model only in future instead frittering in to much different models. So some of the other Kawa classics I'm offering today are the last ones for me. I'm planing to retire from bikerestos for sale in aproxm. 2 years and will use this time to build my last few nice Turbos regardless how much this builds will take in time & money. My time is limited and all this job is handwork so I can't produce masses of bikes and I'm not a typical bike dealer buying bikes and selling them for lil more in the state like they are. I go over every bike I' sell with my own hands to bring her back in the best possible state.

    This year Turbo builds are all sold out allready and I'm booked with builds for my customers until spring 2018. All Turbobasebikes I bought over the last 2 years are taken with this build orders as well. The prices for Turbos - regardless in wich state - raised dramatically and so I bought a couple Turbo basebikes this year to have them ready for 2018 and maybe 2019 rebuilds. I paid the double pricings (and on some more!) for this Turbo basebikes than I paid over the last 2 years and I'm sure they will raise strongly further in future. And it get hard and harder to get a Turbo - regardless of state and price.

    There will be 3,4 Turbobuilds in 2018 from me available. Reservations welcome.

    I fear it could happen that it will be impossible in very near future to get basebikes for a price wich lets some air for the rebuildcosts, taxes and a lil profit becouse prices are simply to high. 

    Another problem with future Turbos are the parts - it's allready very hard to get parts for the Turbo and only a very few parts can be taken from her "cheap normal" sister GPZ750 Uni Trak - not even the mainstand fits on a Turbo. So I spend a fortune to buy part stocks and engines whenever I found some to assure I can complete my builds with original parts.

    So if you are serious to own a Z750 Turbo you should act NOW! Or regret in 2, 3 years that you didn't get one becouse Turboshard reached insane pricetags.

    ALLTurbos I rebuilded and sold to my customers in the past 2,5 years could be sould for a couple grands more without poblems today - the prices for my first 2 Turbobuilds allready doubled - and it's no end in sight. It's a blue chip investment and a spectacular bike to ride.

    So I will not have the variety of different Kawasaki models like in the past - exept bikes in very nice and extraordinary state when they cross my way by accident like the last blue GT750 P7.

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