• Kawasaki ZRX1100R, very nice state, excellent running Sold

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    Superclean 2001 REX, never saw rain, salt or mud. All surfaces proofing this. Preowner been a carmechanic and he kempt this ZRX like his eyepie.

    Original paint glossy close to new, no dents, no big scratches (sureley there are small microscratches from use but absolutely nothing what hurts your eye).

    Engine starts immediately and runs like clockwork, no nasty sidenoises. Chain and sprocketset near new, reartire new and bike gots a big maintenance with valveplay, engineoil change, oil- and airfilter change, sparks new, brakefluid exchanged. So a bike you can use right away without further investments for a lot of years.

    All original, unmolested. Bike just got crashpads - thats all. Fueltank no rust inside, paint you see on swingarm, fork, motor, rims etc. is the first, original paint. near no stonechips on lower frontfork legs and brakerotos near no wear so this bike been allways ridden tenderly.