• Kawasaki ZRX1200R unique build in Z1 Colour and DAEG striping

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    The photos dont mirrors how cool this 1973 colour from the legandary Z1 900 Superfour is! It's like looking in a deep sea, really stunning.

    Unique build but all mods within the Kawasaki family. The ZRX been build in Japan until 2016 as ZRX1200R DAEG in several colour shemes. I copied the decal design of the green DAEG (pls see last photo) and used the original candy paint from the legendary 1973 Z1 900. Its hard to photograph candy colours and I will upload better pictures soon.

    I made many subtil changes on this bike to make her unique but let her look 100% original on first view. There are "lil" changes like the nicer petrolcap from the ZRX1100, antrazite original DAEG frontfootpeg holders I bought in Japan, steel braided brake lines front, rims professionally laquered in a custom mocca colour, black brakediscrotors, swingarm blacked, several details black instead stock aluminium, most bolts, springs and axles rezinked original parts to make her look like new even in smallest details etc. etc.

    You will not see this bike a 2nd time, its stunning from appearance and unique. Paint been over 1500,- without decals and emblems, have several layers of clearcoat - all original emblems new etc. etc.

    The bike itself been a very good 1200R with 22.239 Kms on the clock whats aproxm. 13.818 miles, 1 owner since new, 2 original keys, manual
    and toolset. Bike got a fresh maintenance, all fluids changed, new brakepads and steel brake lines plus new rotors front becouse I wanted discs with black inner star,, brandnew conti road attack tires, DAEG style mirrors, 1100R petrol filler cap etc. etc.