• Kawasaki ZRX1200R just 17.800 KM/11.000 Miles Unique Build. Sold

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    If you prefer the paintset in green - I purchased a other ZRX1200R in also excellent state and this bike will get the green paintset - finished aproxm. end of this month and will have same pricing. The green is the original candy olive green from the legandary 1973 Z1 900. See last pics from parts of her paintset waiting for the decals.

    All decals under clearcoat. Rims painted in lavagrey to match the blue better. Bike appears like 100% on stock even if many things been changed in detail. Thasts exactly what I wanted here, a unique build with very subtle changes. Bike gets a lot work in detail as well like new (original) and new rezinked (original) bolts, axles, springs etc. Even the airboxcovers get a special colour to match the whole sheme.

    Bike runs like clockwork from mechanics, electronics and suspension and accelerates like hell due the shorter sprocket ratio. No prisioners taken here.

    Original Kawasaki ZRX DAEG crashbars I need to buy in Japan...