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    This RD is sold.
    Wonderful unrestored and honest RD400. No show condition but far over average for a unrestored bike of this age. Original paint. Starts and runs well. Comes with lots of spares. Genuine Allspeed chamber exhausts mounted but original pipes are included as well. Bike is from a collection from a true enthuasiast who want to reduce his 2 stroke collection due health reasons. Mileage from the entire bike is 55K KM whats aproxm. 34K miles.
    Please read the info from the preowner - a true Yamaha 2 stroke enthuasiast about this bike:
    "The bike is on original bores and standard pistons (it was on third oversize bores when I got it but I had a set of standard cylinders that I fitted along with new standard Yamaha pistons)
    The crankshaft was professionally overhauled by PJME in the UK, new bearings, labryinth seal and con rods,(I will enclose the receipt with the file of paperwork), the upper crankcase had some wear on the main bearing housing so I fitted a very good used one that I purchased from USA. (the original will be included for spares) new gaskets and seals were fitted at the time of the engine rebuild.
    I felt that the clutch may have some more wear than I would like so I bought a low mileage clutch basket along with a really nice low mileage gearbox which I will include as spares.
    The original exhausts will also be included along with a lot of other bits and pieces that I have for this bike. The condition is as you see it, I did not restore the frame or paintwork. I fitted a new, genuine Yamaha front mudguard and a really excellent used seat. The handlebars are Renthal low type which suit the bike but I have the originals which I will include too."
    Bike been imported from germay long ago and been lastly registered in Ireland.