• Suzuki RG250 Spectacular 2.800 Miles!! SOLD

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    Absolute sensation: Unrestored and absolute original survivor with just 2.852 original miles on the clock - and looking like this!

    Bike comes out of a high end 2 stroke collection, steady maintained and is a runner in spectacular really close like new state. Still the very first tires mounted!

    Absolutely original and her Mp/h odo shows now just 2.852 original miles! Rearpegs are missing. 2 original keys, starts at first kick, idles stable and goes like hell when you rev her.

    There is absolutely NO rust, mud and any other corrosion like blloming from aluminium surfaces. Bike is truly in close to new state!

    Rode her 30 miles and I've been very surprised how you sit on her even if you're tall and how hard this engine is going forward and pushing when reveing above
    6K rpm - a real rocket make you feel like a 18 years old. Just 146 KG weight and so superb handling and very strong brakes. It's pure fun to give her beans on the road.

    A highlight for any 2stroke collection and a must for any RG500 owner to complete his collection.