• Suzuki GSX1100S SZ Speer Racing Katana - Sold/Verkauft

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    This bike been build after the reglements of DHM - the german classic motorbike association and is the winner (place #1) in his class in 2014!!

    Power Katana with 116,5 HP on crankshaft so aproxm. real 109 HP on the rearwheel - please see dyno in pictures. Stock Katanas press aproxm. 80-85 HP crankshaft power on dynos. Uncomprimising build up from a stock Katana to optimize performance with leightweight, steady power on the long run and superb handling. Near everything on this Katana is optimized without destroying the typical Katana appearance. Engine mods been done by a engine specialist doing this job for over 30 years. All engine parts been measured and bearings and seals renewed.This Katana comes with a Speer reartail and seat. Speer is a common Suzuki tuner in germany and near every second 1100 Katana been equiped with Speer parts here to get rid of the ugly stock Katana backend and seat. Bike can be easily refitted with lights & indicators to make her street legal without big effort. Preowner spends a fortune in this bike to fullfill his dreams but he's allready heading on to another project. This Katana been build up from a 100% stock Katana in 2013/2014 with 28.000 Kilometers on her clocks. The engine been completely rebuilded from a professional and only the best parts been used. The entire powerplant been adjusted on a dyno in countless hours.
    I rode this Katana and never had a bike under my butt wich runs so smooth without any holes over the entire reving band. You simply throttle and this Katana delivers extreme good controlable power extremely spontaneous. Not a nevous racer you need to rev like hell with bad idling etc.. I've been extreme surprised how easy and controlable she rides. Much better than most streetbikes. The goal been to rework and optimize the engine - and not just to get so much power out of her like possible. The higher power is simply a result of very good engine optimization and some very few high quality tuning parts like cams. And the result of endless synchronization of the technical components like carbs, exhaust and engine. She have a very deep & rich sound without beeing just loud. Most aftermarket pipes for streetbikes are louder.  She handles and brake awesome, you can ride slow with her through the city = no problems. Force her out on the track or highway = no problems as well, The machine been used aproxm 400 miles on not even a handfull classic race events and is not a worn out usual racer where you have to overhaul everything. This bike runs and rides much better than new.
    This Katana have conti road attack tires graded for race but you get a second set of conti attack street tires with not even 100 Miles on it. Furthermore you get a big box with good spare parts like front and rearsprocket sets with different amount of teeth, a second complete stock Katana harness, taillight, numberplate holder, ignition switch, horn, mainstand and a couple other parts. You get the original dyno printout with lot's of pages and a list with the modifications.
    Engine can be reved up to 10.000 rpm without problems. Preowner never reved her over 8.500 rpm.
    Here most of the mods:
    Bolt Off Build up in 2014 with frame torsion stiffening modified, all bearings replaced
    Fork customation from 37 to 43 mm with new seals & fork stabilizer from Kern
    Brembobrakes P2 F08 with adapters and 310 mm rotors
    17' axial brakemastercylinder with steelbrake lines
    Cockpit with Speedo and tempgauge
    Leightweight wheels in 2,5 x 18 inch and 4,5 x 18 inch, Conti Road Attack tires, nearly new
    adjustable stub handlebars
    modern Gasshocks developed from Hyperpro and manufactured from YSS
    Stiffer and lighter swingarm with excenters
    footpeg construction adjustable in 12 ways
    Chain and sprockets in the lighter 520 version to reduce secundary drive losspower to minimum
    Valvesittings milled, channels overworked, race cam and adjustable cam shaft wheels
    bigger 36 Mikuni Dynojet Carbs, K&N pots
    Scorpion race exhaust WITHOUT the mark "NOT for street use" and not extreme loud, so normally no problem for street registration
    Oilcooler (stock Katanas haven't a oilcooler) for healthier temps
    Oilpump gearing mechanism modified for higher oil flow
    Many other mods - to much to list. Please look at the pictures, they speak for itself. If you're sick to be allways the second and love through and through
    performance, this Kati is for you. 
    Very intelligent & sober handcrafted build without destroying the beautiful classic appearance of the famous Katana 1100. German title. One of it's own.
    Reartailinsert for the Speer reartail with taillight and registration plate mount included. If you want stock headlamp, stock indicators I can provide you the spares for selfcosts. 
    Eine in jeder Hinsicht auf Performance optimierte Katana mit einem bärenstarken und absolut seidig laufenden und hochziehenden Motor. Lässt sich fahren wie ein Fahrad und hat echte 109 PS am Hinterrad. Modifikationen siehe oben im englischen Text. Keine nervöse Rennmaschine sondern über das gesamte Drehzahlband sehr gut zu fahrende und kontrollierbare Maschine die einer Serien Katana in jeder Beziehung haushoch überlegen ist - jedoch ohne das typische Katana Aussehen verloren zu haben.
    Diese Katana ist nach dem DHM Reglement aufgebaut worden und ist Sieger in ihrer Klasse im Jahr 2014!!!
    Diese Maschine kann auf Wunsch auf strassen zulassungsfertig ausgeliefert werden.
    Please check the last pictures from my previous darkgrey Katana with Speer reartail to see how the Speer reartail looks with a mounted taillight and registration plate adapter.