• Kawasaki ZXR750 J "Hoovertubes" 1991 restored from scratch - Stunner

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    This bike been build from scratch from the naked frame. Not from us.  Near any part is overhauled or replaced. Lot of NOS parts, near all bearings, rubbers etc. new. Rearshock and engine overhauled from specialists. Lot of money, work and love get into this build.

    Carbs adjusted on dyno with dyno certificate. Very< strong and good running engine without any unwanted sidenoises. 

    Bike got complete new paint in original sheme. Rare RR parts like leightweight aluminium rearframe and RR muffler. 

    Bike been build to RR optics. So you have the same stunner optical like the superrare RR but not the hassle from the awful long 1st gear good on racetracks and bothering at streetuse.

    Just look at the photos and you see how good this bike is. Resto finished last summer, only barely driven since than so build have ultra low miles.

    Thats a bike you can enjoy for many years.