• Kawasaki ZRX1100R unique Artbike SOLD!

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    Absolute unique 1100R. Got this paintset from a guy I bought 2 Rexes out of his collection. He paid close to 2K just for the airbrush paintset.

    I modified it and mounted it on a excellent 1100R from my stock. Bike is a absolute eyecatcher and the color get wild under sunlight.

    Several layers of clearcoat and artwork from a well known german airbrush artist. To make the bike match perfectly to this artwork I blacked swingarm, footpeg- and exhaustholders and some other parts to satinblack with professional 2K paint.

    Bike get convered to a 200 reartire. Brandnew sprocket set, brandnew front and reartires Conti Road Attack 3. Steel braided lines front and rearbrake and clutch. New mirrors from the 2015 Japan ZRX DAEG, new windshield, new big maintenance, all fluids changed. Bike runs strong and sober like it looks.
    Overworked in details and near all original bolts, axles and springs rezinked.

    Very subtile changes to make this bike to a absolute unique eyecatcher even if I tried to keep the very most from this bike in original state.

    Bike comes with 2 original keys, manual and toolset.