• Kawasaki ZRX1100 R high performance with Akrapovic - not for sale

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    I keep this R for myself. Not for sale.

    Bike got converted with original indicators, original DAEG crashbars and professional painted black swingarm and gets a new unique paintset. Oehlins shocks mounted in meantime.

    Original full Akrapovic exhaust adding more HP to the engine and more important - let the Rex breath and rev freely. Not comparable with a stock 11R anymore.

    Superclean 1100R with costy high performance parts like Akrapovic leightweight exhaust, dynojet, ABM handlebar, heavy duty engine crashbars and bobbins. SLS system deleted, bike get adjusted on a dyno after mods and runs insanely strong - a stock 12R is no rival for this bike anymore. Flawless run over entire revband without slightest powerholes. Engine revs extremely free and isn't comparable to a stock 11R anymore. Brutal power delivery and much faster acceleration in any gear. Comes easy and quickly to redline if wanted in any gear.  More power you ever need. 

    Bike runs "social" in cities in revranges up to 4500 rpm - after that the good old typical 70's Kawa trumpeting is back and the engine is yelling like in racemode. Very hard to describe but fat grins are guaranteed. Bike have brandnew tires and performs also very well from suspension. With a good rider this Rex is able to frustrate riders from a lot of modern and stronger todays bikes. No needto take prisoners with this Rex. Bike is just very smart optimized on her sub components and extremely precise adjusted - no changes on the original engine so you get a very reliable and long lasting classic as well keeping his value.

    Ready to rock n roll right away without any further investments.


    Why buying a ZRX from me:

    Even super lowmile Rexes are at least 12 years old and even livingroom bikes have signs of age like faded out zinked bolts,
    mostly overaged tires and fluids etc.

    - near all my Rexes gets brandnew tires
    - If chain/sprocket set is not 100% accurate they get a new one as     well
    - Bikes been hardcore cleaned with detached paintset to get also their "panties" clean
    - hard strssed parts and so must ugly parts like sidestand get 2K new painted
    - faded out bolts, axles and springs get replaced with new original parts or reinzked original parts
    - new oil, filters and brakefluid to get a good ground in mechanical state
    - every bike gets testdriven from myself
    - if something don't works, is broken or damaged it get professionally repaire/replaced with original parts
    - the typical aftermarket stuff like stupid mini indicators, streetfighter mirrors, touring windshields, footpegs etc. get replaced with excellent original parts,
      as long they are available and affortable
    - screens are mostly scratched more or less so I mount quality german MRA windshields in original form
    - I love Rexes and own 2 myself, deassembled and restored Rexes and know them very very well
    - I'm doing tons of miles to buy and collect the best available samples
    - even "customized" bikes from stay strictly within Kwaki family with original decalshemes, mirrors and crashbars from ZRXs in the line like the japanese DAEG - no aftermarket stuff - exept a Akrapovic
    - my Rexes comes with 2 original keys, booklet and toolset - if the basebike dont have this stuff I get it from somewhere to make the bike complete

    If you look close to the details and compare them with other bikes on the market you will see the difference. I don't want to sell cheap Rexes but the best ones keeping you smiling for a lot of years enjoying them.