• Kawasaki ZRX1100 1 Owner, very low miles - Stunning! SOLD

  • £999,999.00

  • Description

    This ZRX is in a lovely and really outstanding condition. Shape like a well kempted 1 year old used bike. No scratches, no dents, no rust, no garbarge and exept 2 sensefull improvements like steelbrakelins front and a slight wider Lucas superbike handlebar
    absolutely stock and original. 

    Bike have currently 21.932 KMs - whats aproxm.13.628 miles.

    This bike belongs to a 51 year old car mechanic who bought her as new in 2003 and kempt her very well. Bike  never seen rain or winter allways been garaged and all surfaces from this bike are proofing exactly that! Even if he was a car mechanic he brought the bike regulary to his motorbike dealership for regular maintenance. He just changed the engine oil hisself every year. The original Kawasaki maintenancebook is proofing that and the bike got allready the 24.000 KM maintenance with 20.707 KMs in 2015. Bike got new german MOT faultfree and is starting and running like clockwork. No nasty sidenoises. Bikes looks live much better than on the photos.

    Bike comes with original Kawasaki guarantee card, maintenance book and drivers booklet - also 2 original keys with the keynumber plate. Mileage guaranteed. New battery, no rust in fueltank. Ready to ride with no further investment.

    A perfect bike to collect or even better to get used the next 20 years without hassles - when you kempt her well.

    Surely you will get cheaper R's but you will have a hard time to find one in this state and with this history. If you want a close to new, unmolested true oldschool superbike - here it is.

    Many people looking for the ZRX1200R with slightly more power but also longer swingarm (handles a lil stiffer than the 1100) - but there are also many ZRX enthuasiasts saying the ZRX1100 is THE ZRX. Both models are absolute reliable, good lasting engines, good performing brakes and suspension.