• Kawasaki ZL900 Eliminator 1985 Lowmiler Topstate! SOLD!

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

     A genuine muscle bike in A1 state. The ZL900 been build only for 2 years in 7500 units - so it's rare like a Turbo or better said in Europe even rarer becouse this bike been designed as answer to Yamahas Vmax fore the american market only. A few hundrets made it to Europe as grey imports.

    Bike is equiped with a MPH odometer from factory. This sample is a genuine lowmiler in outstanding state. Just look at the details.

    The ZL900 share the engine from the legandary GPZ900R - the first 150mph bike combinied with a hasslefree shaftdrive - and changed cams to give this engine more torque from lowest revs. The accelaration from this bike is breathtaking .- she don't accelarate when you throttle... she simply disapears! Even if this is a bike from the early 80's she can still smoke a lot of actual bikes from today.

    Super rare oppurtunity to get a jewel wich don't stands on any 2nd corner.