• Kawasaki Z750 Turbo #51 nice original Turbo - SOLD

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    Bought this and Tu #48 from a stock where owner passed away. This is a very nice Turbo where a lot of technical work been allready done like new tires, new brakes, new chain/sprocketset steelbraided brakelines, original new fuel and airfilters. 

    Preowner put a lot of love in this bike to bring her back to good technical order - even the fuelfilter is new and a original Kawasaki Turbo part. Not just stupid garage mounting. He worked on her carefully and with brain.

    Low VIN number: 272!

    Bike starts at the buttom, don't smokes, idles perfect and runs nice and smooth at reving. No nasty sidenoises. Rims in fantastic order.

    Very low mileage and a runner. Keep her like she is or put some TLC on her paint to bring her back to old gloss. Even windshield is original. Original saddle had a hole so I exchanged it with a new covered seat in original stitching. Very nice original KHI083 mufflers without dents and very good original surfaces, uncutten original rearfender.

    Good oppurtunity for a top turbo without paying the premium cost.