• Kawasaki Z750 Turbo #45 "Brandnew" Sensation. Never registered, never ridden! SOLD

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    I got this "new" never registered Turbo now reactivated with a general big maintenance and new BT45 tires. So this Turbo is ready to be driven!

    Starts with just "looking" on the start buttom and runs like silk - like only a new bike can do. 36 years after production!

    I think this bike is the one in a lifetime oppurtunity to get a "new" never ridden, unrestored, original Z750 Turbo today. 1, 2 years ago a 3 mile "new"Turbo been on Ebay.com advertised for insane 100.000 USD and disapeared after 1,5 weeks. Bikes like this are far more rarer than most old classic Ferraris, Benzes and the most classic bikes.

    The engine started after first try after reactivation and runs smooth and sound like a bell - like only a new motor can do. I trusted this bike (and all my former Turbos) anfd know that she will be easy to bring back. Noone believed me and dont took the bike like I had her - unmolested and not ready to drive with 1st engine oil, first tires etc..

    Absolute blue chip investment or simply ride her the next 10 years and enjoy a "new Turbo from 1986 today in the year 2021!

    Price is absolute firm - if it burst your budget I have also other Turbos for less. Price of this bike can only go in one direction - if the value of our money will do the same? I doubt it hardly in this days... It's a lot of money, yes - but the bike you got is extraordinary - from state, history and value. For sure a technical milestone and for me far more worthy than for ex. a Honda CB750 KO sandcast wich hits partially allready the 50K and have nothing to deliver than to be a very nice classic bike with with a ordinary 4 inliner or RC30's, Z1's, ELR's etc. etc.

    Didn't rode her to keep her virginity for the new owner. If new owner wants I can ride her and add 20,30KMs more on her. I am convinced that this Turbo will ride like she looks and how her engine runs. Everything is free, she is easy to roll and push, all filters and fluids been changed, fueltank been sealed, brakes been checked, new tires etc.

    This bike been never registered, been purchased in italy from a netherland businessman who had her all the time in the lobby from his company (not a motorbike company).Than she got sold to a former irish Kawasaki dealer and sits there another 10 years. Now she is here in the bavarian alps, running and ready to ride and ready to be bought from you.

    Bike comes with the original guarantee card, 2 keys fitting in all locks, a new original drivers booklet in english and the original Kawa workshop manual for the Turbo - also new - I bought on Ebay to complete this bike.

    If you're seriously interested please contact me via normal email (you find it at the footer from my website) and I am more than happy to send you a walk around video with engine running.