• Kawasaki Z750 Turbo #38 original unrestored just 1.961 miles! SOLD

  • £99,999.00

  • Description


    Bike gots a BIG maintenance with new forkseals, forkoil, engine oil, brakefluid changed,  and filter, new iridiums and new tires. Just 3.166 KMs. Last show her after first wash after arrival-

    Bike been ridden, not much but moved on the road any year. Nothing is tight here, brakes are free and doing well, she rolls easy, engine starts at the buttom and runs very sweet like only a new motor can do. All electrics work etc.

    She have some marks from the years but only minor nothing major. There are also some scratches on paintset but no dents or anything really major. You can easily see on the pictures that the superlow mileage is genuine.

    I tried to keep the bike so original as possible but I need to recover the seat (in original stitching) becouse it had a hole in cover and preowner lubed a red corner on it. And I changed the aluminium blade becouse it started slight aluminium blooming due ages.

    Frame is rustfree and have excellent paint, paintset as well first paint. Very rare oppurtunity to get a near virgin Turbo.

    Last year a new 3 mile Turbo been offered on Ebay America for 100K USD....