• Kawasaki Z750 Turbo #22 Top Turbo, 1.550 miles since Revision! SOLD

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    Superclean Turbo with just 1550 miles on the clock since engine and turbocharger revision. 

    Engine & charger been revised 2.500 KM's ago! Bike had a complete mileage from 41.xxx KM's (aproxm. 25.500  miles) when preowner decided to make her like new.
    A reliable german engine specialist honed the cylinders
    , cylinderhead and valvesittings overworked etc. etc. to bring her in top notch mechanical state. Charger been also
    completely overhauled and press boost like hell.

    Full boost until red triangle, very quick response from charger and engine. Very powerful, no nasty sidenoises. So no worries about the mechanics - thats a bike you can enjoy to ride for many years now without hassles! Bike get delivered with original documents/invoices for engine overhauling. Bike got's a new big maintenance now including valveplay adjusting, fork overhaul with new seals & oil,all fluids changed etc.

    New BT45 tires, added some new laquered paintset parts, fueltank sealed inside, seat got a new seatcover with original stitching, some bolts, axles and springs exchanged to fresh rezinked original parts etc.. Becouse my main customers are in UK I added a MPH odometer corresponding with the mechanic overhaul
    aproxm. 1.500 miles ago. 

    Please look close at the detail pictures and see how clean this bikey is -  If you want a high quality but affordable, sober original Turbo, ready to ride without hasles and further investments - here it is.

    I ride the bike from time to time so mileage can raise slightly.

    Value is raising near monthly on this model. Compare her with other used Turbos and you will note the difference. This is not a 30 years old bike in the usual 30 years used state - this is a superclean Turbo freshly maintained and all major components are overhauled regardless of costs.