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    Wonderful and rare Kawasaki Z1100ST - the BIG Z - in extra ordinary original condition for that age. Original color, just 2 owners since new, regulary maintenance and regulary driven in summer - no sitter.  Thats been the basebike before rebuild... (see picture where she's blue)
    Bike start, runs, drives and brakes perfectly. Engine runs smooth and have no unwanted sidenoises, the shaftdrive the same. Surfaces and paint in excellent condition - the exhaust and his chrome as well. Very good old Kawasound and the motor delivers tons of torque and power. Fueltank derusted and sealed inside from a professional company with see through resin. 2 original keys working on all locks, original manual. Missing sidecoveremblem on the left side is here and will be mounted before delivery.
    Unique paintset - in esspresso brown with golden striping in original pattern. Near all original bolts, axles, springs rezinked, big maintenance incl. valve adjustment, new sparks and sparkcaps, steel brake lines front & rear, excellent BT45 tires, forkoil and forkoil changed, new brake pads front and rear, reworked seat, all fluids changed, professional polished parts, fueltank professionally sealed inside with see through resin. Very clean bike - even in hidden winkels and corners.
    Like you see on downpipes and surfaces this bike been well kempted over all this years. The value of the ST models raised strongly over the past years so if you want a stunning and valuable classic here you go. Bike got a complete overhaul even if the base condition been overage. Invested a lil fortune in time and money to make this ST extraordinary. 
    The Z1100ST is a great sportstourer and very easy to ride - even if she is very big and heavy. The engine provide tons of torque and you can ride smoothly in highest gear slowly through the town or let the hell break lose throttling her to redline. The engine behaves a lil like a big V8 in a car giving you supremacy of power in every situation without behaving aggressive or forcing the rider to aggressive riding like a GPZ1100UT does - even if they share the same engine - but this 2 bikes behaves completely different. The ST have a very good and comfy suspension allowing fast cornering and have strong, safe brakes. She looks like a old motorbike should look, the wonderful aircooled 4 cylinder engine, the solid iron materials and this typical late 70's, early 80's old school design is a joy to look at and to ride her. A headturner everywhere you appear with her.
    This monsterbikes never come back, this is a oppurtunity to own a very good one yourself you can ride a lot of years keeping your clever investment and providing real joy on every mile you do with her.
    Bike can also be delivered with a blue or black paintset so long my other Z1100ST's in this colors are available. Please look at my other 2 STs to check out colors and compare the bikes.