• Kawasaki GT750 unique build - only 1 owner since new, very low miles Sold

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    This GT is sold.

    This GT been allways owned from a older gentleman born in 1940. Due sickness of owners this GT sits for years.

    I deassembled her near completely after getting the engine completely maintained and I'm currently bringing her  to old glory using a unique color sheme to make this GT special. Unfortunally this bike been equipped with a (in the 80s) common 4in1 exhaust so I refitted her with a original, used GT exhaust.

    Engine runned very smooth and nicely after the reborn maintenance. Near all bolts, axles, springs etc. rezinked, Professional laquered paintset, derusted and sealed fueltank, new BT45 tires, big frontfork maintenance, many powdercoated parts like footpeg plates, carrier rack, brackets, battery case, clamps, engine mounts, handles, main- and sidestand, handlebarholders, speedo and brakecable holders, etc.. Some parts like handlebars and rearshock nuts freshly black zinked. 

    Steel brake lines, all filters new, new original grip rubbers and other Kawa original parts. Original Kawasaki mirrors from the last GT - the P9 model with the Zephyr engine.

    2 original keys fitting in all locks, original toolset and driver booklet.

    I love the GT models and this bike get the same attention from me like any Turbo I had restored. Near any bolt of this bike been in my hand and near any single part been overworked and taken care of. This bike can't be compared to the usual used GT's. 

    Bike get professional polished engine covers and the original chrome exhausts.

    A bike not standing on any corner even for a classic and reliable and solid to ride it daily for years, If you think this bike is costy you should consider the working hours, the costs from parts, overworking certain parts and that you get a true classic pulling like a pitbull in near to new state that you can enjoy many, many years without hassle. What actual bikes you get for this amount of money today? 

    And actual bikes will lose value in no time  - this classic GT will raise in value becouse GOOD GT's get rare and rarer.

    Please email me for pricing.