• Kawasaki GT750 unique build - only 1 owner since new, very low miles - SOLD

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    This bike is sold.
    Unique rebuilt of a excellent 1st owner bike since new with just 20.400 original kilometers on the clock - thats aproxm. 12.675 miles!
    Preowner passed away in 2008 and bike sits until 2009 in the garage of his brother who sold me this bike. This been a red P4 model in 100% original state. Unfortunally it sits in a cement garage and the surfaces had ugly spots here and there that I decided to give her a unique paintset when bike have to be relaquered anyways.  Complete bike been overworked, wheels, engine and paintset relaquered. 
    Bike starts at the first press with new fuel and battery after arrival but to get a ground in her she got a big mechanical maintenance including valve adjusting, ultrasonic cleaned carbs, all fluids - fork as well - changed etc.. All engine covers and the valvecap polished, rims newly satinized, 
    relaquered and she got a paintset in black with unique, custom made turquoise/silver striping. Near all bolts, axles and springs get freshly rezinked, clocks and headlight cleaned from inside etc. etc. This been near a complete restauration but the result will pay well off.
    This bike have excellent close to new saddle and very good original chrome exhausts, comes with original, manual, 2 sets of keys and the first original title stating the 1 owner ship. You see on many parts from this bike that the mileage is 100% genuine, handle grips, switches, saddle, exhausts are very close to new and not worn.  When bike is finished she is ready for the next 25 years of use when you kempt her well and give her the regulary maintenance.
    Very rare oppurtunity to get a real excellent and unworn GT750 in original state exept the paintdesign.
    The mounted Bikinifairing is included and a original Kawasaki Accessoire.
    This is a very comfy classic Kawa Model with superb handling, strong brakes and a extreme relaxed riding position with plenty of torque for relaxed touring and overlaning for 2 passengers. If you kempt her well this bike can't lose value in future.