• Kawasaki GT750 unique - SOLD!

  • £99,999.00

  • Description


    Its very hard today to find a GT in good state worth a rebuild. I had this one over 3 years in my storage and its the 15th GT I rebuilded just now and the last one.

    Update: I added original Kawa pannierracks, braided frontbrakelines and the proper 1986 frontfender with the typical GT mat/gloss decalstripe in the middle.

    The GT750 been often used as courierbike, doing often 150K miles with different riders in summer and winter 24/7. This models are known as workinghorses and some of the most reliable bikes from this era.

    This gem is a 1986 model with the strong rectangle motor and nice chrome exhausts. Overworked her like usual in detail to get give her a close as possible "like new" appearance.

    Brandnew original (!) seatcover - not available anymore! New original handgrip rubbers, new indicators x 4, etc. etc. etc.. Not just cheaply "overworked". This GT is nice in detail and really stunning - can't be compared to the usual used GTs on the market. Just look close to see the difference.

    Professional laquered paintset in plain deep black with citrus yellow and silver striping in original design. Stressed parts like side and mainstand, carrierrack, levers, handlebars, enginemounts, brackets etc. sandblasted and powdercoated, brandnew BT45 tires, big maintenance including valveplay, all fluids and filters changed, carbs cleaned, adjusted and synced, fueltank sealed etc. etc..

    Starts and runs like clockwork and have the typical 80s Kawa behaviour - excellent torque at lowrevs and yelling and converting to a raceengine in high revs. This bikes never come back!

    If you kempt her well you have a cool and very stylish classic bike for the next 20 years with more power you ever need. Mileage can rise slightly becouse I will use her from time to time on a sunny day for touring.