• Kawasaki GT750 Lovely condition, original Lowmiler Last GT750 Model - SOLD

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    This been my personal bike and I build her to my requirements.
    Bike have currently 28.858 KMs on the clock whats aproxm. 17.859 miles. I have a new project in mind for 2018 so thats why I offering her now for sale.
    Added a new paintset and carrierracks to fit it to my taste and needs even if the original paintset was in very good order.
    The last model of the legendary GT750 series - a bike for life. This model don't been offered in Europe, it been imported to germany as new bike from japan.
    I'm absolutely thrilled from the state of this bike. She have a appearance like a very well kempted one year old bike. No mud, no rust, all surfaces clean. Thats a bike you can ride until you go to the ground and your kids can sell it on ebay after :-(.
    For sure one of my top 5 bikes from state I had so far. No stoneships on the forklegs, all paint is original from factory! One of very, very few! Much better than a 0 mile bike becouse this bike been driven every year a couple hundret KMs and is no sitter. All documented with MOT reports since 1st registration!
    2 original keys working on all locks, original owner manual in english, original tool set.
    The history from this bike is very good. Kawa stopped selling GTs in Germany 88/89 with the last EU model in red color and the old black engine. This bike here is the last evolution of the GT and get sold in Japan for much longer years - like so many classic models been available sometimes over 15 years when bikes been out of sales program here in EU and america for years. The P7 model been available in UK until 1994.  This bike been first registrated in 1998!
    A big german bike dealer imported THIS bike as new bike directly from Japan in 1994, had it in his showroom and rode her with his dealer plate for 4 years and sold it in 1998 to the first owner who registrated it. Since this time every TUEV (german MOT) report is there and the mileage is so well documented. This bike dont made a lot of miles but been allways ridden regulary - so no sitter. A true survivor. Buyer get all documents. The first title proof as well that the bike been imported as new vehicle from japan.
    The last GT have the more modern motor from the Zephyr 750 installed. Like said the last GT750 evolution. Engine runs much smoother and more silent like the former rectangle engines. A real gentleman bike.
    I overworked this bike slightly and very carefully to bring her in a real A1 condition. For ex. exchanging the bolts, axles and springs with original, but new zinked bolts becouse some holts on the bike gets grey due the age - whats absolutely normal. I added  new steelbrakelines front and rear for your safety. Original rubber lines get rezinked and delivered with this bike just for histoy
    Last servive been in june 2016. I don't care becouse I don't know how this service been done. Bike got complete new fluids - oil, fork, shaftdrive, new airfilter, valve adjusting, carb adjusting and syncing etc. - just to make 100% sure we have a good ground in this bike.
    Even the highgloss polished rims are spotless.
    I had over 100 bikes in my hands the last 3 years, most been far over average but the state from this bike stands out - it is one of my top 5 bikes in a state like a well kempted 1 year old bike. I'm really not keen to sell her. This one of the rare bikes where you get petrol, sit on it and do tons of miles without hassles.
    Please don't compare THIS GT with any used or restored classic. THIS bike is NOT restored but looks very close to new - from all angles. And the technical side match this as well. It's by far the best GT I ever had and please look at my site - I had 12 very good GTs allready but this one hits the buttom out.
    Simply compare what for bikes you get for this money. At least not a true classic in THIS extraordinary state you can ride without hassles the next 20 years when you kempt her well. Top bikes deserve top dollars. 
    The purchase hurts you once but the joy will last for many years.
    This sample here is in a state very close to new. Allways garaged, well kempted. Looks and rides like new. Original Kawasaki Accessoires chrashbars in chrome mounted. Chrome on exhaust like new - bike is nearly in flawless showroom condition. Trying to get a original seatstrap cuz preowner deleted it.
    Actual maintenance & new battery. Ready to ride without further investments for many, many years. Preowner been a older gentleman who kempt her like his eyeball. The bike reflect this from every angle. Never seend rain or salt. Mostly registered only in the summer months april - September.
    The last GT series is pretty rare and the blue, original paintset looks wonderfull with the chrome and polished surfaces. No de ts, no scratches in paintwork! Even the downpipes looks like new.