• Kawasaki GPZ900R A7 in A5 style with ZRX1100 carbs SOLD

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    I build this bike to my requirements to use her with passenger in the alps. Bike been a stock A7 in excellent shape but the stock red/black color sheme seems boring to me. I mounted a wider/higher Superbike handlebar for better comfort and control (can be delivered with lower stock handlebars if buyer prefer them) on tiny alproads and fitted a rejetted carburetor from the ZRX1100 to give her more torque, faster throttle response and a far smoother run like 900R carbs provide. They also eliminate the powerloss from the A7 models compared to the A1-A6 models.

    It's a genuine 24.265 KM bike since new, allways maintained and the low mileage from aproxm. 15.200 miles is guaranteed. Original mufflers with excellent original chrome. This bike seen never rain or salt before (exept for this moments to take pics from her :-).Bike starts at the bottom and runs smooth and strong.

    Big maintenance done right now with all fluids changed including valveplay and brandnew tires. 

    This bike is NOT restored but overworked from me to make her exactly like I love
    a 900R in my favorite 9R paintsheme and wheels in a unique color - mocca brown complimenting the elegant black paint sheme very well. Seatcover new as well like a new smokegrey windshield. Fueltank sealed inside with clear resin. Bike been in excellent state before overhaul, even frontlegs in original paint have close to no stonechips! Engine and swingarmpaint also the first and in very nice state still. This bike had good preowners and no berserks.

    Paintset been professionally done in high quality for big $$$ becouse of the complicated 3 color sheme. Footpeghangers and frontfender spoon professionally polished.

    Wanted to build a unique GPZ900R with the best of both 9R worlds with a like new appearance.  Bike comes with 2 original keys. toolset, drivers booklet

    Please email me for pricing