• Kawasaki GPZ900R A7 in A1 style with ZRX1100 carbs Stunning & unique Sold

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    Excellent A7.

    She got a big maintenance incl. valve adjustment, all fluids changed - coolant fluid as well, big fork service and many powdercoated, polished and overworked parts. Most bolts rezinked, fueltank sealed inside with see tru resin etc. etc.. Excellent original exhausts with nice black chrome, original griprubbers and switches like new. Brandnew tires. It's been really a 1st quality basebike. Original forklegs in original colour, engine cylinders and body, swingarm, frame - the same. Normally this wouldn't be a bike to get overworked but I want really cool A7/8's so I looked for extraordinary base the last years.

    Bikey got a a new laquered paintset in the style from thefirst 1984 900R A1.  

    I equipped her with rejetted ZRX1100 carbs and the airbox of the former A1-A6 models. They eliminate the powercastration from the late A7/A8 models, faster throttle response, no powerhole between 4500-5000 rpm, smoother run. This bikes is insanely fast and no Kindergarden even if this is 80's technology.

    Suspension is very stable, easy to ride - regardless if for touring or if you force her hard. Excellent working brakes and all electrics work like it should. Bike really feels like a new one.

    New coated seat, new original Mirrors, new smokegrey windshield and a lot of little Kawa NOS original parts to finish the bike in this result. Original Kawa one click baggage system - can be deleted if buyer want it so. Higher superbike handlebar, professionally laquered, adapters powdercoated in satinmat. Looks like original, provides a much comfyer drive and gives more control over the bike.

    Please email me for pricing