• Kawasaki GPZ900R 1993 A8 ZRX Carbs Sold

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    100% original A8 - beside the A1 the rarest 900R in europe in a very clean state with excellent original exhausts, original color on paintset and wheels with original, long, uncutten rearfender and the original clear windshield. Bike is in such good state
    that I decided to leave her so original than possible. The marks are minor and the appearance is really very good and the paint glossy and shiny.
    ORIGINAL paint on frame, paintset, fork etc., ORIGINAL 1st (!!!) windscreen but still looking awesome.
    I equipped the bike with rejetted ZRX carbs and the airbox from the former A1-A6 models with 2 airintakes. This eliminates the castration from power from the A7/A8 models vs. A1-A6, results in faster throttle response, smoother run about the entire revband and it eliminates the typical 900R powergap between 4500-5000 rpm near completely becouse bike breaths and revs free now without touching the engine with some stupid "tuning".
    Bike goes like hell like a good 9R should go - just a lil better due the ZRX carbs upgrade - plenty of torque and if you redline the hell brake lose...  
    The seatcover is new becouse of the 900R cover sickness cracking between seatedge and sidecover.
    I changed near all bolts, axles and springs with original rezinked ones becouse they get grey after 30 years and the footpeg holders & clamp from the front mudguard are professionally polished to give this bike the "i" drop to her overrage state.
    This is a original A8 - with original A8 manual. Many red/black A7's get sold as A8 but they are 99% A7's - so please check if the frame number is above 0056001! Only than it's a original A8! Red A8's been sold to some other markets on the world and had in opposite to A7's polished rim horns. So don't get fooled if you're looking for the genuine last european 900R.
    Bike been deregistered in 2004 und sits since than in a heated garage. Brought smoothly back to life and been imported & first registered to germany as new bike
    becouse the last 900R's been officially sold in germany until 1991.
    Very good history:
    1st owner from new, born 1963 sold her 1 year later to
    2nd owner, born 1963 and he sold her 3 months later to 
    3th owner, born 1965 who sold this bike to the 4th and last owner 3 years later in 1997 to
    4th owner, born 1962 who kept her between December 1997 until May 2016, so bike been in one hand the last 19 years!
    Bike been never ridden in winters and you see that clearly on all surfaces. Original paint is glossy, the black chrome on the exhausts is very nice. etc. Bike comes with original title and original A8 manual. She got a big makeover & big maintenance now and all fluids and filters got changed incl. cooling fluid, fork oil, forkseals & new dustseals, new brakepads on all brakes and valve adjustment that you can ride her hasslefree until next maintenance intervall of 10.000 KMs. 
    The bike got's brandnew tires front and rear.  Whats not typical for a 900R that even the inside sidecover nipples are NOT broken on this one.
    Excellent bike ready to be driven for many years without hassles right now without any further investments. 
    Please email me for pricing