• Kawasaki GPZ900R 1993 A7 Wilbers unique with ZRX carbs Sold

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    This 900R is sold. If you looking for a 900R please ask me.

    A7 rebuild from a excellent basebike. I made this 900R for my requirements and like I allways wanted a 900R.

    Basebike been in real good order, only 2 owners since new, owned very long by a truck driver kempting her well, doing oilchanges and maintenance every 3.000KM even such short intervalls not needed. No rust on the frame - really one of the very good 900R's. Normally not a bike where a overhaul is needed but I wanted her in close to new state and built her like I want a 900R. Over 120 working hours invested, tons of new parts, near all bolts, axles and springs rezinked, main- and sidestand and other brackets powdercoated, reworked seat, custom decals etc. etc. Very good original exhausts - even downpipes are still shiny! Wilbers rear shock mounted. Progressive springs in frontfork. I tried to optimize the allready far overage riding performance of the GPZ900R and don't cared about time and money on this one. Even the meshs from the water- and oilcooler get's sandblasted and powdercoated.

    She got new paint, also professional paint for the wheels and slightly other decal design to freshen up the all red in red A7 design and to give her the shine and near like new appearance.  Added new steel brake lines front and rear, fluids changed, new maintenance, footpeg plates, footpegs and frontfender spoon polished, tank sealed inside, new sprocket & DID chain set with a shorter ratio to optimize this 900R for touring in the mountains (original 48 tooth rearsprocket will be delivered with this bike as well). New smokegrey windshield. The rejetted ZRX1200 carb and the 2 inlet A6 airbox delivering more torque in low and midrange and higher throttle response. The typical 900R powerhole between 4500-5000 rpm is eliminated on this one! This GPZ pulls like hell - regardless if mountain up or 1 or 2 passengers. This A7 really delivers. Bike is equiped with a superbike handlebar for relaxed seat position - original bars available and the 900R can also be delivered with red wheels and original handlebars if you prefer that.

    Kawasaki lugguage set mounted temporarely, bike comes without the suitcase holders. Bike comes with original toolbag (tools rezinked as well) and original manual. German title. 55.000 KM's whats aproxm. 34.175 miles - so nothing for a well kempted 900R.