• Kawasaki GPZ750R super rare lovely state - Sold

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    sealed fueltank. Allways serviced and garage. Far overage surfaces, original paint. Bike got a big service, fork overhauled with new seals and oil, carbs ultrasonic cleaned and adjusted. Original blackchromed mufflers in very nice state. New seatcover.
    Entire bike conserved for winter with weapon oil, full tank and empty carbs. Ready to use right away in spring. Just flood the carbs, start her and have fun. 
    Maybe some of you think the 750R is a odd bike with near same price and weight like the legend 900R. The truth is the riding experience is completely different. The 750 engine runs MUCH smoother than the 900R, is very easy to ride in cities and if you rev her hard the hell brake loose and she shows her 2nd face - a very fast and true superbike in the revolutionary and safe 9R suspension with a lovely paintsheme.
    Bike is not pristine becouse it's never been restored and used regulary - it's not a sitter but a true survivor and far overrage from state than most 30 year old classics - even better than some so called "restored" ones. You will get attention & appreciation everywhere you go and some people without clue may ask you if this bike is new. She is really very nice and thats why I don't restored her.
    This model is very rare becouse most buyers go for a 9R. To find a unmolested 750R in a good and unmolested state like this is harder than to get a nice and also very rare Z750 Turbo! So value in futire can go only in one direction - straight up!
    Remember the "odd" Z2 - the sister from the legandary Z1 900 with just 750ccm. Today much, much rarer than the best Z1 and the pricetag is 5 -7,5K higher than a pristine Z1. Same may happen to the 750R in a few years. The 9Rs are allready raising strongly in value for good bikes.
    Like said this bike is unmolested and now the bad points. Like many R's the upper fairing cracked around the right indicator. It could be fixed better to be honest. The middle fairing have a crack on the low end, not very noticeable becouse
    of the black paint sheme but it's there and I have to mention it. It would be a pitty to repaint the entire bike becouse it is original paint and in a real nice condition. Better to fix this 2 marks with smartrepair, both cracks are within the black colour and the colour black is much easier to fix than red or silver. Please see last 2 pictures for this 2 points. Thats why the price for a classic in that state is so low.