• Kawasaki Z750 Turbo #09 Bolt Off resto - Sold

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    New project, delivery februaryMarch 2016. I have a 27.000KM Turbo base bike with a smooth running engine I will restore this winter. Bike get's completely stripped and rebuilded like my previous Turbos I did since November 2014. 

    I changed some points in remaking Turbos beginning with the Tu#6 - Every Turbo get's now a overhauled turbocharger - regardless if current one will work properly or not to make sure that you get a Turbo with a 100% boosting charger. Many parts I let powdercoated formerly will be professional relaquered like frame, DFI sidecovers, passenger handlegrabs, belly pan (if wanted bellypan stays original, unlaquered). This brings a much deeper black and higher gloss on surfaces. And electrical problems due bad earth on powdercoated frames can't occur on painted frames.

    Exhaust downpipes get ceramic coated (last until 820 celsius) to avoid rusty and ugly downpipes after a few thousand miles like usual on turbos becouse no normal paint or coating resists this extreme temperatures for long.

    Stressed and hidden parts like main- and sidestands, handle bars, enginemounts and brackets get's powdercoated to protect the bike from rust for a very long time.

    Bike get's a lot of new parts like new tires, battery, paintset, windshield, filters, handlebar rubbers, NOS bolts, near all original bolts, axles and springs get rezinked, gastank get derusted and sealed inside, rimhorns and spokes get polished and laquered with 2K paint,engine  gets a big maintenance, new iridium sparks, letters on valvecap get polished and valvecap get laquered in black crincle, engine body and zylinders relaquered, high gloss engine covers get relaquered as well, new engine emblems, new seatcover in original stitching etc. etc. - it's really to much to list and will need aproxm. 200 hours workingtime from me plus workingtime from coworkers like polishers, paint shop etc. 

    Bike will look equal to former Turbos - so near as new state. She will look amazing and original. Only slight customazions like polished turbo charger barette, smokegrey windshield etc. to underline the great design of this 80's beast.

    The effort and costs are huge but the result will pay back. The Turbo raise near any month in value and it's get hard and harder to get even restoproject bikes. For sure the Turbo will come to the same value like excellent Z1's, CB750's and Kawasaki triples. All of this bikes have "normal" technology but the turbo is really unique in technology and design. She is still funny to ride and even today one of the very fast bikes. So you don't get only a prestine legend - you get a clever investment as well.

    You can reservate this Turbo, simply drop me a line and we go from there. Finishing date and delivery February/March 2016.