• Kawasaki Z750 Turbo #05 Extrem Umbau - Verkauft/Sold

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    Custom build (not from us) on a 1984 Z750 Turbo. Swingarm from a ZXR with White Power shock, ZXR750 fork, wheels and brakes. Rims have raceflag airbrush, not just decals. Lime green professional painted. The black decor is ON the paint and not under clearcoat - so it can be changed easily to your personal taste. 4in1 exhaust and tons of changes to make this Turbo unique. Bike first registered in germany 28th April 1986. Preowner invested a fortune in time and money to build a Turbo for his requirements.
    The engine runs smooth and without unwanted sidenoise. Turbocharger get completely overhauled aproxm 500 KMs ago - so before 310 miles. Bike is equiped with a blow off valve, good for the life of the Turbo and good for your ears, every gearchange results in a "wsschhhhh..." - check Turbo blow off sounds on youtube or search for fast & furious Turbo sounds to get a impression.
    This built is extreme and not for the originalists taste but if you like a optical "loud" and uniqe bike here you go. On top this build been made on one of the most exclusive and special motorbikes ever - the Z750 Turbo with the genious power plant. Handling and braking is much better than with the stock Turbo suspension. New Chain and original airfilter get's added atm. thats why you don't see it on the photos.


    Neueingang. Sehr stark umgebaute Turbo mit frisch überholtem Hitachi HT10 Lader und sehr gutem, seidig laufenden Motor. Umbau mit ZX Teilen von Kawasaki wie Felgen, Schwinge, Gabel und Bremsen. White Power Federbein hinten. Blow Off Ventil. Kein Umbau von mir.


    Maschine ist verkauft.