• Kawasaki Z750 Turbo #14 rebuild - SOLD

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    The next Bolt-Off restauration from a original Turbo. Bike will be build up equal to my former Turbos and will be finished aproxm. February/March 2017 and started after Turbo #12 is finished. My Turbo rebuilds starts with a carefully sandblasted naked frame with very fine sand. This takes triple more time than normal sandblasting but gives a top smooth surfaces for a very glossy and fine paintfinish.

    Engine get overworked from a 68 year old motorbike specialists with own honing and plan machines with over 40 years experience. New chamchain, camchain tensioner, often new valves, dust steam seales, oilpans and both oilpumps cleaned and new gasgets and other work depending how engine is. Afterwards new high temp paint finish in satin mat.

    Turbocharger professionally overhauled in america from a specialized turbocharger shop (owner owns 2 Z750 Turbos hisself and overhauled a lot of Z750 chargers). New adjusted wastegate, new bearings and clamps. Be sure that 99% of used Turbo chargers have issues - if not from use at least from long year sitting. I let any charger restoring - regardless how much boost he is providing - just to make sure that this builds provide 100% boost and don't leave oildrops on your garage floor. Thats costy but clever invested money - invested in your driving pleasure and the value of the bike itself.

    Fork overhauled, new forkrings, oil and 2 K paint, new steering bearings, new wheel bearings, wheelhorns satinzed and new painted with 2K paint, new bridgestone BT45 tires, all brakes deassembled and overhauled with new seals, rezinked parts and pads, new steel brake lines. All filters renewed. Many powdercoated parts like turbogrill, handlebars and handlebar weights, stands, engine mounts, smallest brackets etc.

    Plenum sidecovers, bellypan, passenger grabs, starter- and engine covers professionally laquered in high gloss black. Many new original NOS parts (most of them not available anymore) wich I bought and collect last years from  everywhere in the world to get close to original like possible...

    Downpipe spider and original mufflers ceramic coated. Thats a expensive procedure but the only one who resists the extreme turbo heat and last for many, many years. There is no paint on the market wich lasts here.

    Fueltank derusted and coated with clear resin from a specialist. New paintshop with reprodecals and 2 coats of clearcoat - all decals under clearcoat. Swingarm laquered in 2K silver satinmat. Near all bolts, collars, axles and springs rezinked (I only use original bolts - no aftermarket stuff!), every minor part cleaned and overhauled when needed. Head- and rearlight, gauge housing cleaned from inside and outside, headlamp surrounding, turbo spoon, footpegs and extenters professionaly polished to high gloss.

    Aftermarket windshield,mirrors, odo- and clutchcable, indicators in original style. DFI cover (not available anymore) painted in blackmat, own repro DFI sticker in chrome under a coat of mat clearcoat etc.. I try to avoid aftermarket parts but a lot of parts are simply not available anymore so I have to use a few ones. 

    I buy and bought NOS parts like possible and even minor bits like for ex. the small DFI unit holderrubbers (each 8 Euros, the Turbo have 5 - 3 for the DFI unit and 2 for the boostsensor and fuelpumprelais) sums up brutally in costs. And you don't even see most of this parts - but you see them when you detach covers and the feeling that this builds don't have "dirty panties" and that you could eat from the mainstand is priceless and the difference to most still existing clasics of this era.

    Such a build can't be cheap but this builds end up with a very, very close to new appearance and my customer could sell all my former turbos for more today than they paid for it. A Turbo is a top notch and very wanted clasic and is a cool investment - but it have to be in A1 state. Top quality allways get top dollars.

    It's really too much to list and I put several thousand euros in each Turbo build and mimimum 200 hours of own working hours plus the working hours of my coworkers. Please look at the pictures on this site from my former builds to get a idea how complex a bike and the work is to get it back on the road in A1 state.

    In first line I build bikes to get used and ridden but well kempted from further owner this are rare and very collectable classics as well. It's important for me that the bikes brings optimal performance, starts on first press and are absolutely roadsafe and pass MOT/TUEV on first run without any problems. Every Turbo build get a unique sticker on the inner rearfender with build number and name from the new owner. A last, little detail to make this Turbo YOURS. 

    Pictures shows former Tu builds from me.





  • Kawasaki Z750 Turbo #14 Rebuild - Sold Bike
  • Kawasaki Z750 Turbo #14 Rebuild - Sold Bike
  • Kawasaki Z750 Turbo #14 Rebuild - Sold Bike
  • Kawasaki Z750 Turbo #14 Rebuild - Sold Bike

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