• Kawasaki Z750 Turbo #10 rebuild - Sold!

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    Bolt-Off restauration from a original Turbo. 

    Bike will be buid up equal to my former Turbos and will be finished aproxm. summer 2016. Reservation welcome.

    Some of the work wich will be done on this project:

    Engine got new valve steam seals, valve sits cleaned and reworked, charger get's overhauled to get her in a virgin state from the engine side. ceramic coated downpipes to resist turbocharger heat, near all viewable parts laquered instead powdercoatet, rims get newly satinzed and new painted with 2K paint in firecracker red. Gastank sealed inside, all bolts, axles, spring rezinked. Stressed parts like engine mounts, side- and mainstand powdercoated, valve cap lining polished, laquered in crincle, engine relaquered in deep black satinmat, new seatcover in original stitching. Chain- and mudguards cleaned inside. New smokegrey windshield, high gloss painted belly pan, innerfairing, plenumcovers etc.. Near every part will get in hands and overworked to end up with a close to new appearance and state. 

    Aproxm. 200 working hours plus working hours from coworkers like painter, polisher, enginebuilder etc..

    This will be one of my very last Turbos becouse it is rockethard to get a good basebike beeing worth this extreme effort.


    Bike is finished.