• Kawasaki GPZ550 UT Unique Rebuild Sold

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    This bike is sold and been delivered on customer request in silver becouse he had a silver one in the youth. I made her black in a unique US paintset first after overhauling. Thats why you see this bike in 2 color shemes here. But it's the same bike.
    This black paintset will be mounted on my currently available GPZ550UT.
    Thats a very rare bird - a 1985 US GPZ550UT with just 8.600 miles and only one owner. First registered in July 1985. Long time sitter, thats why I rebuild her near completely. Will be finished soon with a professional laquered black paintset in the style of the only 1 year only in US available GPZ750UT. I used this Design allready on 2 of my GPZ1100UT builds - please see last pictures to get a idea.
    Bike had some aluminium corrosion on the rims and engine and had some scratches in the paintset from long time sitting. Bikes seems to be stored very well becouse the frame have near no rust and the paint is shiny. Brakediscs, seat, griprubbers have near no wear so mileage seems
    absolutely genuine. Thats why I decided to build a top GPZ550 and put near the same affort and work in like a Turbo build. 
    Like said bike get's a professional laquered paint set, Fork got a complete overhaul with new gaskets and dustrings, new 2K paint and new windshield in smokegrey. New indicators with shorter arms rear, brakes overhauled, a couple of powdercoated parts like fairingholder, some brackets etc.. Brakes get overhauled, all fluids get changed and the valves get adjusted. I deleted the secundary immision system this bike had as a US model and mounted a polished and new painted valvecap after relaquering from engine, a european airbox without the secundary airsystemhole as well.
    Carbs got ultrasonic cleaned and new adjusted, brandnew chain and sprocketset becouse old chain been pretty rusted. Engine runned without nasty sidenoises and starts on first press. Bike get delivered with brandnew battery and the fueltank is derusted and sealed inside with clear seethrough resin.
    Bike will look and ride like new when finished in 2 weeks and will have a unique appearance. It's on of it's own and a bike you can ride without problems the next 20 years.
    More pics soon.
    If you think the price are serious for a "lil" 550, please consider what you get today for this amount - and consider 150 hours of work and the money invested in this build.
    Rims got freshly satinized & new laquered with 2K paint like the swingarm, near all bolts, axles and springs get rezinked to get a close like new appearance. 
    Near nobody is restoring low ccm bikes becouse of their value so 550 UT's in excellent state are much rarer than a A1 Z1. But believe me that the 550UT rides much better than a Z1 :-) 
    So a very clever investment providing sheer riding pleasure for years and protection of your assets.
    The GPZ550 is a very reliable bike and a big fun to ride. You can use her for long tours, can ride her slow through cities and very aggressive and fast on countryroads and highways as well. The title have a documented topspeed of 196 kp/h - thats 122 miles!!
    I think it is still the fastest 550 ccm 4stroke even today doing over 120 miles a hour when wanted. In her times she was definately the fastest 550 and many 750's had problems catching up with her. Compared to other bigger GPZ models the 550 UT is a light bike and very nice and easy to corner with. The 500/550 engines been the best Kawasaki constructed in the 80's and last very high mileages when regulary maintained. The 550 UT have very strong brakes and a superb handling.
    Beginners and also expierenced drivers will have a lot of fun with this special Uni Trak model. I used exact the same mode myself over 3 years, been on oneway 1200 KM  nonstop holiday trips with her and never had any problems. If you're looking for a bike you can ride a LOT of years you found it right now.