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    Stunning lowmiler with just 6.524 (10.500KMs) genuine miles in original state with a unique history. New Battery, engine starts at the buttom and runs sweet without any nasty sidenoises. Bike runs strong and suspension is very proper as well. 
    Bike gots a professional painted paintset in the design of the US GPZ750UT - available only one year and only in US. Fueltank sealed. Last pics shows the bike in original paintset.
    This model was the last in the modelline of the GPZ550 unitrak models and especially this one was the homoligationbike for germany (maybe entire EU) from Kawasaki and been introduced from Kawasaki to the german TUEV (equal to UK MOT) for getting the type approval for Germany.  The mileage is guaranteed and proven with a couple documents. Big maintenance including valve play and brakefluidchange done right now.
    This bike been bought from Kawasaki Germany by the TUEV engineer (german MOT) who made the tests and finally the street legal operating approval for this modelline - on THIS bike. The low mileage is guaranteed and is proofed with official documents. This docs will be handed out to the buyer. I just added a smokegrey windshield cuz I don't like the clear ones. 
    You can see on many parts that the mileage must be very low, handlebar grips and switches, brakediscs, seat etc. etc.. This GPZ550 comes with 2 original keys fitting in all locks, the original manual in very good state.
    Kawasaki Germany been the 1st owner and the TUEV engineer the 2nd. Bike been first registered from 1st private owner in april 1998!
    Bike is complete original (exept windshield & 900R mirrors). Bike is ready to ride, in overrage, unrestored good optical and mechanical state and don't need further attention to be used right away.  The condition is far overage for a 89's bike. Like said - technical it's a cherry, runs absolutely sweet and pulls sober through the entire revband. The preowner drilled a hole in the left sidecover - maybe to connect a batterysaver over winter?
    The GPZ550 is a very reliable bike and a big fun to ride. You can use her for long tours, can ride her slow through cities and very aggressive and fast on countryroads and highways as well. The title have a documented topspeed of 196 kp/h - thats 122 miles!!
    I think it is still the fastest 550 ccm 4stroke even today doing over 120 miles a hour when wanted. In her times she was definately the fastest 550 and many 750's had problems catching up with her. Compared to other bigger GPZ models the 550 UT is a light bike and very nice and easy to corner with. The 500/550 engines been the best Kawasaki constructed in the 80's and last very high mileages when regulary maintained. The 550 UT have very strong brakes and a superb handling. Beginners and also expierenced drivers will have a lot of fun with this special Uni Trak model. I used exact the same model myself over 3 years, been on oneway 1200 KM  nonstop holiday trips with her and never had any problems. If you're looking for a bike you can ride a LOT of years you found it right now.