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    The last black GPZ1100UT for a long time. I can't built any other until end of 2016 becouse I'm booked with projects and - it's very hard to get a good base 1100 where rebuild is worth the time and money. They are harder to get in original condition than Turbos. And near impossible to get them with black chromed stock exhausts in such a great shape like my 11's had/have. 

    This bike have low miles, and been is in excellent base condition. The original exhausts are more than excellent - the mufflers looks near as new. She will be very simulat to my former black 11 -  but with black wheels. Engine runs smooth and strong, open power with 120HP. Antidive is deleted. A lot of working hours invested in this bike and even minor parts like the horn brackets been sandblasted and powdercoated, the inlets rezinked - even the inner noisereductionplate IN the frontsprocket housing is rezinked! Sprockethousing and chainguard cleaned INSIDE etc. etc. 

    New seatcover in original stitching custom made in Portugal to get the real original look even in details. This covers are normally not available. New rear indicators with shorter arms to save the original look but to get rid of the spin arms. Wheels powdercoated in glossy black, new wheel bearings. Main and sidestand, a lot of brackets and passenger grip powdercoated. Sie passenger grips, airbox covers professonaly laquered in high gloss black. Forktubes and swingarm relaquered with 2K paint, Custom decal set, new professional paint. Front brakes with stell brake lines, close to newq sprocket and chainset etc.