• Kawasaki GPZ1100 UT A1 1983 just 7.311 miles unrestored!!!!! Sold

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    BREXIT - WE still deliver and take care of all neccessary forms!

    Again a 80's sensation from Bavaria for you - a very nice original, unrestored GPZ1100UT - ready to rock'n roll!

    Very early  05/1983 A1 in top original state. The last true monsterbike with one of the best engines Kawa ever made - if it's not the best.

    120 HP delivering in a spectacular way & sound only THIS model can do. She have just 11.766 KMs whats aproxm 7.311 miles!

    This bike is NO sitter, been allways registered and regulary driven. Also dry and warm garaged - otherwise she wouldnt be so corrosionfree.

    Even the fueltank inside is like new - whats normaly a usual GPZ problem with rusty tanks. Not here! All there - 2 pairs of original keys, guarantee card, service and manual book, toolset. Only 2 loving owners since new!

    Starts, runs and rides like a Rolex. The bike is in spectacular good original state.

    To find a GPZ1100 in the state and mileage like this is far harder than to get a pristine CBX1000. this big UTs been butchered often to robb their
    engine and mount it into the old zeds. Now enthuasiasts remember the Queen of GPZ's of the 80's but its near too late to find a nice sample.

    I had the same model brandnew as a 20 year old in the 80's. She feared me to hell and I sold her after 3 months just to avoid that she kills me.
    The power in connection with the lousy 80's technology tires was simply insane and pure evil.

    No pussy bike - I sell this beast only to a mature, responsible rider.