• Kawasaki GPZ1100 UT 1984 unique Sold

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    The Queen of the UT's and a true Monsterbike. I guess my last 1100UT for a very long time becouse this machines becomes rarer than a Turbo today. And in good state worth a rebuild near impossible to find. 1984 GPZ1100UT with just 10.600 miles! Greyimported from America and hardly customized from 1st owner to a one seat racer with other fairing, seat, reartail, footpegs, exhaust etc. etc.. A wild and typical 80's racebuild. Becouse the brackets for the mainstand been cutten off and the rearframe been shortened I decided to bring her back to near original state on a other used frame. Bike been build up as bolt off project. So near any bolt been in hands before reassemmling her on a other frame and the most important part on a 11UT - the engine - is healthy, starts at the buttom and run very smooth. New big maintenance, engine , frame and paintset new laquered in a unique design from the rare 750UT in black wich been sold only one year and only in America. The extrem low miles seems genuine from engine wear and there are some old TUEV reports (german MOT) who state this mileage. Bike is nearly finished - new and better pictures in complete state very soon. Buyer get titles and typeplates from original and current frame.

    Bike goes like hell & it have insane power - even if this bike is over 30 years old. This model is for experienced & responsible drivers only. I don't sell this model to persons under 30 years of age.