• Kawasaki GPZ1100 UT

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     The Queen of 80's GPZ & the last aircooled real Monster Kawa. 

    outtake from a review from motorcyclenews.com saying it all:

    "Kawasaki's meanest Zeds haven’t always been green – the GPz1100 was slathered in bodywork painted red by the blood of its inferior rivals. 

    As such the final GPz1100A was, and remains, some kind of ultimate. It was top dog at the end of the era of air-cooled superbikes. In 1984 Kawasaki’s own, revolutionary, six-years-in-development GPZ900R arrived, casting the 16-valve/liquid-cooled die for all superbikes to come and instantly making the air-cooled GPzs obsolete. As such, the GPz1100A was the ultimate incarnation of the breed and the fastest and most revered of its type. It had pure-bred heritage by the bucketload, racing DNA, truly pioneering technology and brazenly glamourous good looks – and if that little lot doesn’t add up to a ‘modern classic’ then we don’t know what does."

    This sample here is a true survivor, unrestored top bike with nice original exhausts in stunning state.

    Overworked her in detail. Tank get sealed, paintset professionally relaquered in original firecracker red and with decals in original A2 style. Seat revovered with a ORIGINAL Kawasaki NOS seatcover (!), new maintenance. Bike been NOT deassembled in total - still first paint on frame and rims without rust.

    This model get superrare, far rarer than any Z1. She starts at the button, runs powerful and nice without nasty sidenoises. This free breathing 80's 120 HP engine provides brutal power with a incredible sound only big old Kawas do in that way. No bike for beginners. Even if near 40 years old still freaking performance. Super reliable mechanics lasting mostly 100K miles without big problems. A must for any serious 80's Kawa collection and a big joy to ride and look at.

    Thanks to fuel injection no bitching with carbs.