• Honda GL1000 Goldwing Better than new! Sold!

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    This beauty is sold.

    GL1s in this quality shows up very, very rarely, simply compare with others on offer... Take the best and keep/raise value and show
    up with a top bike winning you prices on any show and will get appreciation anywhere.

    Top restored GL1. Naked, oldschool and cool - no rolling kitchens like her followers. Bike been restored with a lot of love over several years.
    Regardless of costs every s ingle bolt been taken care off. Engine been completely deassembled, new bearings even for the crankshaft, new pistons
    etc. etc. etc. Only original NOS parts used exept the aftermarket seatcover and braided steel lines for your safety. This bike been build for riding. Koni shocks
    mounted but original shocks in topstate included. Also a A1 state rearfender with the lil round "Traktor" rearlight german 76's had in this time.

     This bike is perfect in detail and stunning to look at. All chromeparts rechromed, top profesional paint. alone  costs for this rebuild been far over 15K -
     labour over several years to get this build finished not counted....

    This monsters never will come back. You can buy faster bikes but you hardly can buy real style and history with a actual bike.

    Only tribute to safety been new steel braided brakelines. Even the clocks been restored. No faded out gaugedials with sunfaded redline area like you
    see on near any "top restored" CB - regardless if 360, 750 Four or the big ones.


    Pls email me for real pricing,

    Mechanics and electrics works like new, bike rides better than new becouse of better tires we have today :-) Please look at the pictures - they tell more than
    thousand words.