• Honda GL1000 Goldwing 4.661 KMs after full resto - Sold

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    Very nice Plain Jane from 1978. Nut and bolt resto 4.662 KMs ago (thats aproxm. 2.896 Miles) with engine rebuilt, new paint etc. etc. etc.. Preowner need 3 years for this and invested a lot of time and big money.

    Bike gots new Bridgestone BT46 front and rear and a new maintenance and overwork in lil details like partially new zinked original bolts etc.. I 

    Starts, runs and rides fantastic. I used this bike myself this season for aproxm. 450 KMs and had a lot of joy with her. Everything works, feels safe and its really a supersmooth and very majestetic ride. I can't recall any other bike giving you this feeling to sit on a flying carpet and detach you so far from this world in a very positive way.

    Even if this boxerengine have "just" 82 HP and bike itself have 295 KGs engine is very torqey and you will never miss power even riding her with 2.

    Not comparable with the rough and lil "traktorstyle" running 2 cyl BMW boxers. Absolutely smooth in run and super silent.

    It's also the most dangerous bike I know not forgiving much when you overexpand things. She don't like aprupt and hectic maneuvers but you can be really fast on floating countryroads with soft curves. You really need to respect her limits and have to ride her with feel & brain. If you ride her like a idiot she can kill you in seconds or reward you with a fantastic and silky ride you don't find on any other bike. Perfect and very comfy cruiser and tourer. Very prominent and elegant from appearance.

    It's a kind of old Rolls Royce on 2 wheels for me and a absolute headturner everywhere you show up with her.