• Honda GL1000 Goldwing 1975 - SOLD

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    Very early 1975 GL1 in rare sulfur yellow. Overworked from Mr. Ringler (73, over 50 years experience as biketech) , new original Honda Cambelts, all fluids changed, waterpump and fuelpump overworked, carbs cleaned and adjusted, valve play adjusted etc. etc.. Starts at the buttom and engine runs smooth without nasty sidenoises.

    Bike is equiped with a carrierrack but a brandnew (!) "normal" pasenger chromerack is also there. Bike is in very nice state and have a beautiful and very wellkempted appearance.
    45.720 KMs on the clock whats aproxm. 28.409 miles.

    In Germany and a few EU countries the GL1 been delivered with the little "Traktor or CB750Four" rearlight. So this bike is original exept carrierrack, Koni rearshocks and in my opinion far nicer with this typical old CBs rearlight like with the big unproportioned red US rearlight.

    The GL1 is THE Goldwing, most desirable and going strongly up in value. No other bike have this elegance and decadence like the first GL models. Whispering vibration free engine, very good torque at low revs, super compfy seating position even for 2 and enough power to be very fast - if you need that...

    The GL is a cruiser detaching you from the world. Bike look majestic and feels majestetic when you ride her. A Rolls Royce on 2 wheels!