• Suzuki GSX1100 E Racing Bike for the classic race classes

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    This bike been build after the reglements of DHM - the german classic motorbike association and is the winner (place #1) in his class in 2015!!

    Rare opportunity to get a A1 classic racebike for affordable money. Far over 25K been spend in this build and bike runned only 1.360 KMs after total rebuild. 
    This bike benn winner of it's class in 2015 under the german DHM reglement. Design is following the coloursheme from the Wes Cooley superbike.
    If you look for a real competive classic racer - here it is. 
    It's too much to list, near any detail from this bike is modified within the DHM reglement but here some points:
    Donorbike been a 30.000 KM GSX1100E. Engine completely revised, valves valvesits & canals overworked, race cam with adjustable camwheels, Wiseco forged pistons, 
    big bore to 1224 ccm, reinforced stud bolts, crankshaftfine balanced, Baned Racing clutch, Dyna 2000 Ignition with racing coils, oilpump gearing mechanism translation 
    changed for higher oil outlet. Alternator deleted to reduce rotating masses. Clutch changed to hydraulic actuation. Bigger oilcooler. All work done by serious german race specialists. 
    Engine have 138 HP on the rearwheel and Motor have 154 HP....
    Keihin CR35 Racecabs with oversquare grip
    Downpipes and flamtubes 4-2-1 developed and manufactured from the top exhaust builder Schüle in germany. Scorpion muffler.
    Frame and suspension: Frame modified, new bearings everywhere and a couple of torsion stiffenings, Wheelbase changed to actual superbike standards. 
    Fork changed from 37,,'s to fully adjustable 43 mm fork, with new shims, slidingbushs, Wilbers springs and bigger axle. Solid Likas Forkbridge. Brakecaliper
    adapters for Brembo P2 F08 calipers with bigger 300 mm brakediscs and sinter pads. Modern 17" axial brakepump and steel brakelines. Rearshock developed
    by Hyperpro, manufactured from YSS. Stiffer roundtube swingarm with downstand beam and excenters. Fully adjustable footpeg facility, lighter 520 sprocket
    and chainset to reduce drivetrain powerloss.
    Wheels - Lighter wheels from the Suzuki "Knicker" GSX1100 R (nearly priceless in this days) in 2.5 x 18 & 4.0 x 18 - 4.5 also available - with Conto Road Attack II tires
    Dashboard with speedometer, volt- and tempgauge
    This bike been very smart developed to bring maximum performance on the trace track. 
    Just the engine itself is designed for long durability and not maximum possible power.
    If you want to attend classic races and need a very competive superbike for it you can't get a better one for this price. It's a A1 build and a bargain for you.