• Kawasaki Z1100ST Blue - Sold

  • £99,999.00

  • Description

    Thats my personal bike now for 3 years.
    This heavy bike is easy to ride like a 250 ccm and handles superb. Truly love it and it's the best sportstourer I ever driven with endless torque, good suspension and brakes by highest comfyness for 2 persons on tours.
    Rebuild of a very good and original Z1100ST.  
    This bike got a big overhaul and a new paintset in original Kawasaki color ultramarine ble.
    Near all bolts, axles and springs rezinked - even the footpegs! Lot of polished parts, main- and sidestand sandblasted and laquered, complete engine maintenance including valveplay. Brandnew tires. Over 150 hours work in this bike and a big amount of money.
    Bike have nice original chrome exhausts without dents. Bike get delivered with a additional, original Kawasaki lugguage rack with suitcaseholders for your big tours.  This bike is not comparable to the normal used classics. Her appearance is close to new and she is ready for long trips. Just get petrol and have fun. Bike is very clean and been stripped to engine/frame to make her nice behind the curtains as well - not just there where you see it. 
    Bike gots professional polished engine covers even if the original ones been very nice but this bike deserves the best parts. Even the main- and sidestand been professionally laquered, downpipe crowns and breakpedal newly chromed. This bike is very close to new, ride as well and have a stunning appearance. the fueltank is sealed inside - short a bike you can enjoy the next 20 years without hassles.
    I saved on nothing by this Zed. I send the original seat - wich been in very good state - to Thailand that they make me a 1 to one copy with the original stitching. This is just one (expensive) sample but I really wanted the best appearance possible. Mileage will raise slightly becouse I ride her from time to time.
    2 original pairs of keys working on all locks, original toolset and manual. Fueltank sealed inside, brandnew seatcover in original stitching. 
    Engine starts at the buttom, runs very smooth and have no nasty sidenoises. Bike is very powerful and share the legendary engine from the GPZ1100UT - just customized from Kawasaki for more torque in lower revs. Regardless in wich gear you are, if you have a passenger or it goes straight hill up - simply give throttle and this big bike just move forward in a incredible strong manner.  
    Even if this bike is very heavy and big like a old Honda GL1, she's very easy to ride with a forgiving character. By far not so demanding and aggressive like a GPZ1100UT but with much more power you ever need. The big Zed ST's get very rare and this model is one of the very last Kawasakis in the typical old school look. Everything is solid - even the fenders are made from iron and not plastic - and the bike looks like a old bike should look like.
    BIG joy to ride. This bike is nice to ride in highest gear in the town or eating tons of KMs driving you into your holidays on the highway. Seatposition is total relaxed and you have great comfort for tons of miles. Absolute unique headturner.