• Kawasaki GT750 unique build! Sold.

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    Sorry, this beauty is sold.

    Absolute unique GT in very good condition. Unique professional painted paintset in fantastic espresso brown complimenting the bike with a very noble and sporty look, combining todays taste with a undestroyable classic.
    Very low frame number 000736! So one of the 1st or 2nd production weeks in history of the GT750!
    Bike is overworked, got a new, big maintenance from a workshop with a master 45 years experience (!) and love to this ol ladies, all fluids changed, valves adjusted, even shaft oil changed and ready for tons of hasslefree miles. Near all bolts, axles and springs new rezinked, freshly powdercoated lugguage rack, many details overworked to make this rare beauty to a real headturner. New seatcover in original stitching, rim horns newly satinzed, airride front and rear. Fueltank sealed inside with seethrough resin.
    Bike starts at the buttom, deliver plenty of power and a fantastic but not loud late 70's, beginning 80's sound. Very comfy and safe to ride, especially with 2 passengers. relaxed seatposition, very good headlight, safe brakes and a stunning suspension even for today. Bike is heavy like all 80's bikes but easy to ride like a 250 when rolling. If you dare not very much modern bikes will overlane you. You have tons of torque but also a very aggressive and powerful topend of revs if you want and need. I love this GT models and spent a lot of time, work and money in this nice example. This bikes been often deliverers/courier bikes doing the hard job 365 days a year with different drivers reaching easyless 100K miles and more. A true undestroyable 80's survivor and a joy to look at.
    f you seriously interested in a GOOD GT you just find one. 
    Thats a bike you can ride the next 20 years when you kempt it well and this bike will provide you with super uncomplicated and very maintenance friendly manners. 
    This is a very comfy classic Kawa Model with superb handling, strong brakes and a extreme relaxed riding position with plenty of torque for relaxed touring and overlaning for 2 passengers. If you kempt her well this bike can't lose value in future.