• Kawasaki ZL900 Eliminator #4 Unique build

  • £99,999.00

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    I sold this bike 3 years ago to a good customer in UK who bought several bikes from me over the years and I p/xed her in for another Kawa. So this ZL900 is back and ready to go to a new happy owner. UK V5 and docs, Odo in mp/h.


    Rebuild of a very good kempted ZL900. Near no rust on the frame whats not often on a ZL900 after 30 years. Mileage only 21.500. The bike got's all goodies my previous ZL's got and I invested lot of money and working time in this true muscle bike. Very expensive special paint from Mercedes Benz Designo, new tires, kneebars and brakepedal chromed, most aluminium parts polished, overworked components like fork with new dustseals, big maintenance including valve adjusting and new cooling fluid, new battery, new AVON tires, all brakes overhauled, new brakepads, new steel brakelines front and rear, saddle rebuilded, near all original bolts, axles and springs rezinked, a lot of powdercoated parts... too much to list. Detach the Tank, any cover from this bike and you will see overworked and clean parts behind. This bike is not just overworked cosmetically to make her look nice on the first view from outside. This bike is through and through clean and have no "dirty panties". Please look at the pictures - they tell you much more than any blabla from me. Bike just finished and available now.

    This bike is absolutely original exept the steel brake lines. I just polished more than stock and played with the colours to make her unique. There've been a very small series of ZL900 in darkblue for the CAN market but this blue appears me to boring so I choosed this 3D effect colour. Near 200 hours work invested so this bike is a bargain. Simply compare her with any other ZL900 on the market and you see why.

    The Eliminator is one of the very underesimated classics even if this bike have a very unconventional and extreme aggressive design and rides exactly like she looks. One of the first real muscle bikes wich pulls your arms (very) long. Breathtaking acceleration and only aproxm. 7500 build for the US & CAN market. Aproxm. 5.000 been build in US factories and aproxm. 2.500 in japanese factories. Like often, the japanese build models provide more quality. This explains that the frame had near no rust becouse normally ZL frames have strong rust in front- and backend. This ZL900 been imported from Japan - NOT from the US what makes her super rare becouse the ZL900 been never sold in Japan. This ZL been grey imported to germany as new bike and ever runned in germany and never been in the states.

    Rides like a bycicle and pulls like a pitbull. Due the fact that this model been only sold ion the US & Can she is pretty unknown in europe. She share the engine with the legendary GPZ900R, modified for shaftdrive and endless torque by low revs. A true milestone - not just for Kawasaki. This bikes are very rare and mostly in bad shape. Here you have a stunning headturner beaming you directly back to the 80's with a performance that you don't need to fear modern bikes. The ZL900 is one of the very few classics wich provides joy and fun by RIDING - good suspension, strong brakes, tons of torque, engine undestroyable and reving from low rpm's up to redline without any holes, great 80's sound and a stunning aggressive design making her standing out from all bikes. You can ride her softly enjoying the landscape or you let the hell break lose at full throttle and let her shoot through the gears and find yourself sitting on a ultrafast canon bullet.  It's a bike with real soul providing you very emotional riding moments and makes your face smile after a ride.