• Honda GL1000 Goldwing Lovely state! SOLD!

  • £99,999.00

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  • Description

    Original GL1 in a loveley state with 54.500 KM's - whats about 34.000 Miles. German model - only german GL1's had the small "traktor" rearlight due of country laws in these days.

    She currently get a BIG maintanance to bring her to a excellent technical groundstate like:

    Change of:

    coolant fluid
    brake fluid
    engine-, fork- and shaft oil
    adjustment of valveplay
    cleaning, adjusting & syncing the carbsbattery
    new Yuasa battery
    new BT45 tires

    I also ordered some original parts like some bolts, the genuine GL1000 horn (bike have currently the horn from the 1100) original GL1 handlebargrip rubbers, black brakemastercylinder cap etc. to bring her back in original state in detail as well.